Sync It Easy

Everyday thousands of films, videos and web projects need music to be synced with. For each single project the market offers tons of tracks but which one would be the perfect match? To make your choice might be a very time spending job. Online libraries might be a possible solution but browsing thousands of titles, downloading each one of them to be transferred on your editing software to sync it within your project could literally kill your creativity. Expanded Music Sync makes everything easy, intuitive and amusing: you have a dedicated video player where you can stream your project along with the selected tracks. No waste of time in downloading or uploading: just simple streaming. Images and/or tracks can be replaced with a few clicks and everything just goes as simple as this.



1)  Open Expanded Music Sync and choose to browse music by Colors, TAGs or Genres 

homepage expanded music sync


2) ) Open Expanded Music Sync’s view player



3) Select your video to be synced on your device and check how it works in live streaming



Just with one click you can see your video synced to new tracks. No waste of time in uploading video and downloading recordings.


4)  Add to cart your favorite tracks or contact us.