How to enjoy the powerful effects of syncing music with your videos online in real time?


If you are a film maker, an art director or any other professional operator you need music to sync for your films, ads, video-games, background music or fashion shows; even if you need music simply to post a wedding ceremony on Facebook or Youtube if you do not want to run the risk to see your content taken down, you should be happy to know that Expanded Music Sync is the portal that you need to visit where you can find thousands of recordings that will add to your audiovisual projects the emotions you are looking for without infringing any copyright laws or social network rules.

Expanded Music Sync is an innovative Royalty free portal where you can license music for professional and commercial uses; its software has been planned to fit video makers’ needs of a clear, quick and fair syncing music procedure.

Expanded Music Sync in not just a plain song database, but it is a really unique multifunctional tool that allows you to search music through different ways of browsing and at the same time it offers you the powerful experience of syncing a wide selection of music with your videos online in real time.

By using Expanded Music Sync your research of music to sync and license for any kind of soundtrack becomes very easy and you can obtain your license online without any risk of infringing any copyright laws. In case you need more extensive licenses which are not allowed online you can easily negotiate a sync clearance tailored right on your specific needs contacting Expanded Music.