How to search for the right music and how to make sure you are not infringing any copyright laws?

If you are a professional operator, you sure know that you need to license music from copyright owners such as musicians, music publishers and record companies and that you cannot simply use music taken right from your own records collection.

Composers and performing artists are granted by the law the exclusive right to use and exploit their own compositions and recordings including the right to clear their songs and recordings to be synced within multimedia projects. Expanded Music Sync allows you to find the right music and to obtain the appropriate sync license in just a few clicks.

Usually, song copyrights are held by music publishers while sound recordings are controlled by record companies. You need to obtain the appropriate clearance from both of them as both have the relevant absolute and exclusive authority to permit (or prohibit) the use of a recording and of the underlying song as well as to set fees for it.

Expanded Music Sync is a royalty free music online service.

“Royalty free” doesn’t mean that you will get music for free but that you will only have to pay a one time fee without any further royalties. The value of these fees may change accordingly with the extension and the value of the use you need for your multimedia project. Most of the recordings of Expanded Music’s Library can be licensed directly online,  for some recordings or special uses of them you may need to obtain a custom license by Expanded Music.