What does “Browse Music by Colors” mean?

Chromesthesia is the experience of people matching automatically sounds to colors and consequently colors to emotions.

Many experimental evidences demonstrate how the relation between music and colors are mediated by emotions.

We can say that people listening to music have emotional responses and they match music to colors with similar emotional content.

Expanded Music Sync has applied this relation between colors, music and emotions in order to search the perfect music to be synced to your multimedia projects.

All music tracks stored within Expanded Music Sync’s library has been tagged with colors and emotions.

Expanded Music Sync offers the most instinctive and quick way to find the right song to sync to your video.

Colors and Music are overlapped by similar emotions so that you will enjoy the powerful experience of watching the emotions communicated by your videos testing different songs just with a click on a different color.

Once you have selected a color, Expanded Music Sync will propose you numerous music edits which have been tagged with the emotion you wish to evoke in your project.