Yellow Music to evokes joy and shining days.

Experimental evidence demonstrates that the relation between music and colors are mediated by emotional associations.

The narration of this association finds one of the most intriguing literary example in The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The author describing in his novel the joyful atmosphere of these beautiful, young and rich people trying to take the best out of of their life seems like he is working at a script where he describes exactly what soundtrack should be synced with this sequence: “… and now the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music”.

How to read this accurate description without imagining the exact sound Fitzgerald had in mind?

Yellow is the color of sun, it is illuminating, evoking happiness, cheerfulness and fun.
If you are working to a multimedia project where the soundtrack has to evoke optimism and joy of life, you should browse Expanded Music Sync’ library by colors and click on the yellow one: you will find the right sparkling yellow music you need.
Expanded Music Sync is a tool to energize your creativity, where browsing music is easy, quick and amusing. Each selected track will have its own music player so that video and selected tracks will roll out in sync putting you in the condition of knowing immediately which music track will better fit your projects.

Enjoy the powerful effect of watching video evoking different emotions just changing the music player with a click There’s no need to download music or to physically send your video outside of your computer.

You can easily find the music to be synced with your video choosing between thousands of tracks selected by genres, tags or experimenting the unique “Browse by Colors” experience offered by Expanded Music Sync.